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Online Program

Join Young Botanist Certification Program in Organic Kitchen Gardening

Opportunity for school students and parents to learn and grow organic vegetables in their kitchen garden at home in a simple and fun way.

  • Learn Organic Kitchen Gardening
  • Live Training
  • Parents can join along with kids
  • Organic Kit includes (Courier)
  • Young Botanist certification

About Program

This program gives an opportunity for school students and parents to learn the art of organic kitchen gardening. There is a school of thought that says children who grow their one fruit and vegetables are more willing to try out new tastes and flavours too, which is always a huge bonus with picky eaters!

Through this program, we wish to be a part of the United Nation Sustainable Development Goal of ‘Good Health and Well Being. ‘Orient participants towards healthy eating habits.

The idea of growing your own food can seem intimidating: you need a lot of space, sun and great soil for that, right? But gardening can be anything from a windowsill herb garden to a few pots of cherry tomato plants on a small patio or ledge. The rewards of daily plant care –watering, weeding, harvesting –are fresh, home-grown foods that really can’t be beaten.

There is no comparison between the taste of a garden-fresh tomato and a grocery store-bought one that's devoid of flavour. 

The nature of the Indian food system is that grocery store produce has often been grown hundreds of miles away, meaning it can be days between harvest and your table. This process results in the quality of the produce often being compromised. Though growing your own vegetables can seem overwhelming to some, it’s actually much simpler than it sounds. Even if you don’t have a yard/ balcony, consider starting a window sill garden for both veggies & herbs. You’ll be amazed at how many tomatoes or peppers you can grow out of one pot!


  • What is Organic Produce?
  • What is Organic farming? 
  • Organic growing FAQ’s 
  • Light & Gardening
  • Soil & Growing Material 
  • Compost management
  • Seeds & Planting Methods
  • Watering
  • Pest Management
  • Organic Kit includes 7 Types of Non-GMO Seeds which include – 2 pulpy vegetables, 1 root vegetable, 2 Climbers, 2 Leafy vegetables, Germination Paper Cups, Coco Peat for germination of Organic Kitchen Garden Seeds, Seed Soaking Tray, Nutrition Booster Packet for plants.
  • Post Workshop –Participants will have access to the workshop summary and other reading E-Materials.
  • Certification

Program Details

  • Trainer : Industry Expert 
  • Duration : 90 Minutes
  • Training Methodology: Live training. Parents can join along with student
  • Training Material: Organic Kit will be delivered before training
  • Training Mode : Online live
  • Certification: Young Botanist


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